Why we do it

I’ve had a fun summer.  I spent time with my soon to be first grader.  We swam, relaxed, went to the mountains in North Carolina and to Disneyland in California and of course read, read, read. While we had fun, we are both ready for school to start and it will for her next Tuesday.  I went back this week.  This is the first time in 23 years of teaching that I did not go back early on my own time before pre-planning to get my room/library ready.  This week I have been going to meetings and helping teachers get their technology up and running in their classrooms so there are some odds and ends still needing to be done in my room, and I have tried not to stress about it!

While I was out and about helping teachers I found the note below (along with another sweet  one) on the checkout counter when I returned to the library.  This makes it all worth while!  This is why I am a school librarian, not because I love books (which I do), not because I love connecting with the world through technology (which I do) but because I LOVE getting kids to love these things too!  To see their excited little faces when they find just the right book, a new favorite series or get their tech project working just they way they want is priceless.

I have some exciting plans for this year and I can’t wait to share them with the favorite people at my school…my students.   I hope everyone has a great school year, I know we will.


Okle 🙂