Sweet Summertime

Summer is here, finally. The end of this school year has been a hard one for me. My 19 year old niece was killed by a drunk driver on March 28. The rest of the school year was a little hazy. This blog isn’t a place for pouring out my grief, but I just wanted to mention why I had been so absent.

With this said, I am excited about my opportunities this summer to collaborate and grow professionally. At the end of this month I will be attending ISTE for this first time. ┬áThe conference is in Atlanta so it’s not too far to drive and I convinced two other library media specialist from my school district to go with me so housing won’t be too expensive. I registered for this conference in January and have been really looking forward to attending. I will be able to meet many of my virtual Twitter peeps IRL (in real life) and I can’t wait! I even created new business cards so if you run into me at ISTE make sure I give you one so we can connect next school year.


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