Summer Reading

For me reading happens all year, all the time, but there is something special about summer reading. Maybe it is because I feel like I can take my time with a book, I can read during day light hours and finally get to the professional titles I’ve been meaning to read.  So it was with great pleasure I came across Sherry Gick’s #SummerThrowDown. You can read all about it and sign up at her blog The Library Fanatic.

This is the third year and as an added bonus we can call someone out on social media to challenge them to a SummerThrowDown.   Because he is always challenging me to be a better school librarian (whether he knows it or not) I decided to call out and challenge Andy Plemmons to 30 books. He is probably already reading over 30 books anyway but if anything it will keep me on track to read my 30.  Telling you right now some will be picture books! But that still counts.

So if you want to challenge yourself and/or call out someone else to read with you jump over to Sherry’s blog and join us!


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