Here are resources I have made for various activities or programs, feel free to use and adapt for your library.  If you use something leave me comment, I’d love to know something I made was of use. Enjoy!



Random Act of Reading Cards:

I plan to print these on card stock and then use them during School Library Month to pass out to students I see reading around the school. When turned in I’ll have a small treat, pencil, bookmark, sticker, etc. for them. 



Want some of your own that don’t say Gorrie? Okay!  I made a generic library and a media center version.  Click on the examples to download a pdf of a page full of cards.



Book Mark Contest

Here is a generic book mark contest page you can use for any occasion. School Library Month, yes! Celebrate Literacy Week, sure! Just a book mark contest, why not!  I always love seeing what the students come up with.  Once the winning book marks are selected I cut them out, then tape them to one sheet to run off on card stock.  I put the winning student’s name and grade on the back of the book mark before I copy them.

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