#ShelfChallenge – Day 1

Well the day has finally come, I am supposed to start my #shelfchallenge today.  I didn’t get off to a great start.  I have book fair  for most of the morning and then spent the rest of the school day working on finishing the yearbook.  The yearbook is due today and I need one more day.

That said, I did make a short video to show you my assigned section, the “S” everyone or “easy” section.  I did grab the first few books to take home with me to read tonight.  My father just called to remind me that my Aunt and Uncle are visiting and to report to his house.  It’s like the universe if trying to keep me from reading but I plan to read some if not all of the ones I brought home so I may have another post later tonight.

Soooooo, enjoy my video (one take rule) and I will report in later.  Hope everyone else’s first day of the challenge was more productive than mine!

Books Read: 0

Okle : )



2 thoughts on “#ShelfChallenge – Day 1

  1. Okle,

    Oh my goondess! 400 books?!?! That’s quite a challenge! Could you read a new one each day to each of your library classes? I bet your kids would really be on board. PLUS you could discover the gems (and the duds) together!

    Best of luck!

    – Matthew

    • I did take home some tonight and my daughter had to select one as her read aloud for bedtime! I have state testing this month also so classes are iffy, going to be spending lots of time on the floor right next to the shelves reading, reading, reading!

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