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Being connected is fun. I have learned so much by connecting with other school librarians and educators on Twitter, Google+ and even Facebook.  Being connected is fun, but also scary.  I was recently contacted by one of my connections from this summer. While at ISTE I met Brooke Ahrens, she was emailing me now to ask if I wanted to be a guest blogger on the AASL Blog for Tuesday Tech Tips.  Nothing big, just 300 to 500 words on how technology might be used by a school librarian. I freaked!  Someone wanted me to write something? I’m friends with those people, I do the reading… not the writing. I was flattered but not sure what to write about. I said “sure” and then didn’t do anything but quietly panic.  After a couple of days Brooke emailed again to check on when I might want to submit something, maybe something for November. So I bit the bullet and said I would work on something that weekend and send it to her.

After a few deep breaths, I thought about the technology I was using. I had some old favorites and some newly discovered apps I decided I would write about. Once I got started it wasn’t so bad putting myself out there. I finished it up and emailed it to Brooke Sunday night. Then I waited…and waited. All day Monday I keep checking my email…nothing. My parent volunteer keep laughing at me saying to relax.  All I could think was she read it and thought it was awful and not worth using but didn’t know how to tell me.

We all do great things every day in our libraries and I guess most of us are pretty humble. I get overwhelmed with all the great activities, lessons and projects I read about in the blogs I follow. My little write up didn’t seem that great, I was ready for disappointment.

Well at 3:15 on Monday I got an email back from Brooke saying the post was great and all she needed was a byline AND it would be posted the next day.  Yay! I breathed a big sigh of relief , everything was going to be okay.

Here’s my guest post:  http://www.aasl.ala.org/aaslblog/?p=5197

Okle 🙂

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  1. Yay Okle! You definitely have things to share and contribute to the community, and I’m so glad you’re adding your voice.

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